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Here you can find all the services offered for our Einhell robot lawn mowers at a glance. We offer you our "Garden Check" to help you find the perfect robot lawn mower for you. Once you have found the right one, our service partner will help you install your robot lawn mower. We also offer you a "Winter Service" and accessories for your lawn mower.

Our services are available for our robot lawn mowers: Freelexo, Freelexo+ and GC-RM 500.

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Do you have questions about out robot lawn mowers or our additional services? We'll be happy to provide you with personal assistance! Contact us via our service number or send us an e-mail.


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Select your desired service

Easily find the right service for your robot lawn mower on the product detail page or here on our service page.

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In just a few clicks, you can add the service to your shopping cart and purchase it directly in the webshop. You will then receive an order confirmation.

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Then send us information about your garden and if necessary about your mower. We will then pass these onto our partner, who will then take care of your requests directly.

Garden Check

Everything set for your robot lawn mower

Interested in getting a robot lawn mower, but not sure which one best fits your needs? Using our Garden Check you can find the right mower for your garden!

If you have already purchased a robot lawn mower, here you can find out how you can get your garden ready for it. You'll find tips to optimise your garden to get the best possible efficiency when using a robot lawn mower.

A technician will check your garden and provide a specific quote for underground wire laying. Choose from these two services:

  • Garden Check Light: An app on your smartphone starts a video chat with a technician, who you then guide virtually through your garden.

  • Garden Check Classic: Make an appointment with a technician who will check all garden conditions such as area size, zones, gradients, narrow spots, etc.

Installation Service

Get support from a professional

Already purchased a robot lawn mower, but need help installing it in your garden? No problem – take advantage of our installation service and reap the benefits! Make an appointment and within 14 days a technician will visit you to professionally carry out the installation of the boundary wire. If desired, the wire can be laid underground with a professional laying machine. The technician will also assist you in unpacking and assembling the device, as well as setting up and programming the robot lawn mower. With a test run of the device and instructions for how to use your robot lawn mower, you will learn about all the functions and settings from a specialist.

Take into account the area of your garden when purchasing the Installation Service. If you need help with this, you can also make use of our Garden Check.

Please note: No parts or accessories are included in the Installation Service price (e.g. boundary wires)

Discover our videos for installation

You want to install your robot lawn mower by yourself and lay the demarcation wire above ground by yourself? In our installation videos you will find short instructions for the first steps of your installation:

Winter Service

Get your robot lawn mower ready for the new year

Not sure how to store your robot lawn mower over winter, or don't have space to keep it during the cold winter months?

With our Winter Service you can have your mowing robot taken care of during the cold months. Simply send us your robot lawn mower via our service, free of charge, and have it cleaned inside and out. Our employees check the hardware, the functions and the battery performance of your robot lawn mower in one check, and a blade change can also be carried out. This will make sure your robot lawn mower will be ready for whatever the next season puts in its path!

We offer three different Winter Service options:

  • Classic: Your robot lawn mower is cleaned and we check that everything is in working order, and then sent back to you.
  • Classic Plus: In addition to the services provided in the Classic Winter Service, the robot lawn mower is stored with us and sent back to you ready for the new garden season.
  • Premium: In addition to the services provided in the Classic Plus Service, this also includes the installation of your robot lawn mower, which a technician will professionally carry out in spring.

Questions about the app?

If you have any questions about the app for our Freelexo and Freelexo+ you can find more information on our Einhell website:


Robot Mower App

Searching for a new update?

For each of your Einhell robot lawn mower you will find the latest software update directly for download. Simply download the version of your mowing robot as a BIN file and then transfer it to your mower. You are always up to date with the latest software.