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Chain Saw Accessory


Articlenumber: 4501325
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Brand: Einhell Grey
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The Einhell 2-in-1 canister is a practical addition to a set of chainsaw accessories. When using a chainsaw for performing work on wood, it takes just a single hand maneuver to top up the service liquids. The 2-in-1 canister (1.25 l oil tank, 3 l petrol tank) is the ideal helper for filling up petrol-powered equipment. In addition to the two combined canisters there is also an integrated practical tool bag. The screw caps have child-proof closures to prevent any danger for children. The filler opening ensures that the motorized equipment can be filled safely, so that there is no risk to the environment involved when doing this job. The container has been designed in high-grade, impact-proof plastic and is rugged enough to cope even with demanding assignments.


Facts, figures and information for Chain Saw Accessory Kombi-Kanister: here you will find detailed technical data, as well as specific information on dimensions, weight and packaging of this Einhell product.

Technical info

Fuel tank capacity 3 L
Oil tank capacity 1.25 L



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