All services for your Einhell robotic lawnmower at a glance

Here you will find a summary of all the services offered for our Einhell robotic lawnmowers.

We offer you the opportunity to find your perfect robotic lawnmower with our "Garden check" and provide you with information on how you can customize your garden to make the most of the mower's performance.

Once you have found the right model, our service partner will assist you with the installation of your robotic lawnmower. They will handle the wire installation for your garden, whether it's above ground or buried underground, right on-site.

Additionally, we also offer various winter service packages to ensure your robotic lawnmower is well-prepared for the cold season. Each larger service package includes all the features of the smaller package and provides additional services. Starting from the basic package that includes inspection and cleaning of your lawnmower, up to the full-service package, which includes on-site reinstallation of the robotic lawnmower and winter storage (in case there is no space available at home). You can find more detailed information about the lawnmower services, the suitable Einhell Connect app, and firmware updates in the overview as well.

Our services are applicable to our Einhell robotic lawnmowers: Freelexo/Freelexo+ Series and GC-RM 500.

Step by step to the perfect service

Choose the desired service

Easily find the appropriate service for your robotic lawnmower by visiting the product detail page or our services page.

Order your service online

With just a few clicks, you can add the service to your cart and purchase it directly from the webshop. Afterward, you will receive an order confirmation.

Register on myEinhell

Create a user account and take advantage of our services. (For a winter service, you can skip the next steps, as we will contact you directly.)

Individual service

Afterwards, you will send us information about your garden and, if applicable, your lawnmower. We will pass this information on to our partner, who will then take care of your specific needs directly.

Garden check

Perfectly prepared for your robotic lawnmower

You want to get a robotic lawnmower but are unsure which one is right for your needs? With the help of our Garden Check, you can find the perfect mower for your garden!

If you've already purchased a robotic lawnmower, here are some tips on how to prepare your garden. You'll receive advice on optimizing your garden to achieve the best possible efficiency when using a robotic lawnmower.

An online service is available where a technician can easily and conveniently assess your garden and provide a specific offer for underground wire installation. Through a smartphone app, you can initiate a video chat with a technician who will guide you virtually through your garden. The following online service is available:

Service for Germany

Service for Austria

Installation service

Get support from a professional

You have purchased a robotic lawnmower but need assistance with the installation in your garden? No problem - take advantage of the installation service and enjoy many benefits. Schedule an appointment, and within 14 days, a technician will visit you to professionally install the boundary wire. If desired, the wire can be laid underground using a professional laying machine. The technician will assist you with unpacking and assembling the device, as well as setting up and programming the robotic lawnmower. With a test run of the device and instruction on operating the robotic lawnmower, you will receive a thorough overview of all its functions and settings from the expert.

When purchasing the installation service, pay attention to the size of your garden. To further assist you, you can also make use of our Garden check.

Please note: the installation service is a standalone service and does not include the robotic lawnmower itself or any additional accessories required for the installation, such as boundary wire.

Services about the lawn mowers

Winter service

Bring your robotic lawnmower safely into the next year

You want to ensure the best possible care to safely protect your robotic lawnmower during the cold winter months, and you might not even have a place to store it?

With our winter service, you can have your robotic lawnmower inspected during the cold months. Send us your lawnmower through our service free of charge and receive an interior and exterior cleaning. Our staff will perform a comprehensive check on the hardware, functions, and battery performance of your lawnmower. If necessary, a blade replacement can also be carried out. This will ensure that your lawnmower is optimally prepared for the next season.

We offer three different winter service packages:

  • Klassik: Your robotic mower will be cleaned, tested for functionality, and then sent back to you.
  • Klassik Plus: In addition to the Winter Service Klassik, we also offer to store your robotic mower with us and send it back to you for the new gardening season.
  • Premium: Here, in addition to the Service Klassik Plus, the re-commissioning of your robotic lawn mower is also included, which will be carried out by a technician in the spring with professional expertise.

Discover our installation videos

You want to install your robotic lawn mower yourself and lay the boundary wire above ground on your own? In our installation videos, you will find brief instructions for the initial steps of your installation. With these do-it-yourself instructions, the wire installation can be successfully carried out by almost any DIY enthusiast. However, please still read the instructions carefully beforehand.

Simple and fast - our Chatbot Hans

Do you have any questions about your Einhell lawn mower robot? Explore our chat now and receive a lot of information about the lawn mower robot. Our chatbot provides you with comprehensive information about wire installation, error messages of your lawn mower robot, the smartphone app "Einhell Connect," and the overview of spare parts and accessories suitable for your lawn mower robot. If you have additional questions, we are also happy to assist you via email or phone through our contact page contact page.

Any questions about the application?

You can find further information about our app for the Einhell lawn mower robot series directly on our Einhell website.

"Freelexos" is the name of the Einhell lawn mower robots that can be controlled using our "Einhell Connect App" as they support Bluetooth. Discover the advantages and user-friendliness of the app. The app is available for both Android phones via the Google Play Store and iOS phones via the Apple App Store. Additionally, you can find a selection of FAQs that provide information about internet connectivity and troubleshooting for the app's Bluetooth connection.

Robot Lawn Mower App

Stay up-to-date with our firmware updates

For each of your Einhell lawn mower robots, you will find the latest software update directly available for download on our website. Simply download the BIN file corresponding to the version of your mower robot and transfer it to your mower. This ensures that you always have the latest software version installed. You can find the essential information about the firmware and a more detailed guide here. Please make sure to use the appropriate firmware for your mower.

Freelexo assortment

Discover all robotic mowers

With all our robotic mowers from Einhell, you will find many services and help on the product page that match the model. The following services are offered when you select your robotic mower: All products at a glance

  • Garden check (Find out which robotic lawnmower fits your garden and your ideas)
  • Installation service (wire laying and installation of the mower are carried out directly on site)
  • Winter service (store the mower with us and we will take care of the maintenance during the winter months)
  • Manual of your robotic lawnmower
  • Suitable accessories
Services zum Mähroboter

Our contact

You need help or still have questions

Do you have questions about our robotic mowers or our additional services? We are happy to help you personally!

Contact us via our service number or write us by mail. More information about our robotic lawnmowers can be found here:

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