Repair service

Repairs outside the warranty can be completed fast and uncomplicated with our in house repair service. In repair cases, the Einhell Service will ensure that you can reinstall your product as soon as possible.

Any necessary repairs will advance a cost proposal with the following options:

  • authorize repairing the product according to the estimate
  • return the device at your expense plus testing costs of 20,94€ (for customers from Germany or Austria) and the flat-rate closing costs unfree
  • scrap the equipment for free

Please note, that in any case the flat-rate closing cost must be billed. These are as follows:

  • for devices under 31,5 kg for customers from Germany: 7,61€ or Austria: 9,48€
  • for devices within 31,5 kg and 40 kg for customers from Germany: 30,23€ or Austria: 33,48€
  • for devices more than 40 kg for customers from Germany: 42,36€ or Austria: 58,80€

Send us your product

  • please note the costs involved
  • register your device online
  • get a cost estimate

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